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Cuba Journal expresses its solidarity with the People of Cataluña. INDEPENDENCE, YES!

El Pueblo Unido Jamás Será Vencido. 

Aljazeera Report

4 hours ago.

Barcelona - Moments after Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy announced that Spain would assume control of Catalonia's government, the streets of Catalonia's capital were once again filled with noise.

An estimated 450,000 people on Saturday gathered in Barcelona's centre to protest against Madrid's move to impose direct rule over the [province], a move regional officials described as a "coup".

Carrying the Estelada, the single-starred flag that symbolises an independent Catalonia, separatist supporters filled the city's streets and squares, while Spanish police helicopters buzzed overhead.

"We Catalans have no fear," protester Octavi Marti said, in response to Rajoy's decision to trigger Article 155 and dissolve the Catalan government.

"We will outlast them," the 39-year-old added.

Link to the complete article.

Mariano Rajoy must be shitting on his pants

He knows very well that Spain no longer rules Catalunya. He can continue with his blah, blah, blah edicts, but he can not enforce them.

450,000 have taken over the streets of Barcelona to repudiate the actions of the Madrid government

Ruptly has been covering it LIVE on You Tube for close to three hours.

Why is the CIA opposed to releasing the JFK assasination documents? Two Theories.

1) The CIA was directly involved with the Italo-American Mafia in the assasination of JFK.

2) Another unconfirmed report says that Anti-Cuba terrorist, Luis Posada Carriles, was in Dallas on the day of the assasination. Did the CIA hire him to assasinate JFK? He lives in the toilet of the USA, Miami. The fascist exiles in South Florida have always hated the USA because of the Bay of Pigs fiasco. They had a good motive to want JFK dead.

Trump plans to release JFK assassination documents despite concerns from federal agencies


CIA director Mike Pompeo “has been lobbying the president furiously not to release these documents.  (Washington Post)

JG: I say, "Let the Sunshine In." The people have a right to know. Trump is doing what needs to be done

A can of worms may be opened. We want to know the truth.

I personally think that Oswald was not acting alone. He had help. Did the CIA provide that help?


"He affirms that Chauncey Holt, one of three alleged vagrants - in truth, they were Mafia hitmen in disguise - who were detained, testified on the facts in a 2-hour video recording made shortly before his death that was never transmitted. "In this recording," said Dankbaar, "Holt names a few Cuban-Americans, and among them is Luis Posada Carriles. He identifies the other two tramps as Charles Rogers and Charles Harrelson. Harrelson is a convicted hitman serving life for another murder, and also the father of Hollywood actor Woody Harrelson."'


See also:

Reuters: Cuban ex-intelligence chief recalls JFK assassination

PDF: El relat visual de l' 1-0

BEWARE: in the USA, the Internet is full of scams & frauds. Criminals are everywhere.

Since January 20, the USA has gone from bad to worse.

Libertad para los dos Jordis (presos políticos) en España

La manifestación en apoyo a Jordi Sànchez y Jordi Cuixart en la Diagonal de Barcelona. Photo: JULIO CARBÓ

Catalunya Sí que es Pot = Cataluña Sí se Puede 

Falangist & autocratic Mariano Rajoy says: 'l état, cest moi'

Poor, poor Spain. Democracy is dead in that country.

Never mind that 2.3 millions Cataluñans voted for independence from Spain last October First, an overwhelming 90%.

Falangismo and dictatorship have returned to the land of Don Quijote de La Mancha.

Spain demands Catalonia elect new leaders weeks after region voted for independence

El Gobierno quiere cesar al Govern, limitar al Parlament y convocar elecciones en Catalunya

Friday, October 20, 2017

Eternal Shame on the Falangist Government of España's Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy

Spanish PM to unveil measures to fight Catalan separatists


Cuba Journal Recommends the Annual Calendars of 'Cat Lovers Against The Bomb'

P.O. Box 300
Oakland, Oregon 97462-0300

Los Dodgers Van a la Serie Mundial del 2017

World Series
World Series, Game 1
Tuesday, October 24 on FOX
Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles, California

Astros vs. Yankees AL Championship Series (3-2 NYY)

Lo que el falangista Mariano Rajoy y el comemierda del PSOE, Pedro Sanchez, le quieren imponer al pueblo catalán

"Mariano Rajoy y Pedro Sánchez han ido perfilando a la largo de las últimas semanas la aplicación del artículo 155 de la Constitución, para suspender competencias autonómicas y relevar a cargos del Govern si Carles Puigdemont no da marcha atrás." (El Periódico)

Complete Debate: Bernie Sanders takes on Ted Cruz on the proposed GOP Tax Cut

Thank you U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders for showing the American people that you do not support this YUGE tax cut bonanza for the millionaire buddies of #MeanAndNastyDonaldTrump. The working people of the USA thank you for being one of very few politicians who is on their side.

Abel fue el más leal de los amigos de Fidel

Fidel y Abel
Foto: Archivo de Granma

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Catalán parliament could vote on independece. When?

Thursday 19 October 2017

MADRID: Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont on Thursday said the regional parliament could vote on a formal declaration of independence from Spain if the central government failed to hold talks with Catalonia, ignoring a deadline to drop a secession bid.

“If the government continues to impede dialogue and continues with the repression, the Catalan parliament could proceed, if it is considered opportune, to vote on a formal declaration of independence,” Puigdemont said in a letter to Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy.

Puigdemont made the letter public only minutes before a 10am deadline he had been given by Rajoy to retract an ambiguous declaration of independence he made last week.

JG: the falange goverment of Mariano Rajoy is EXTREMELY STUPID.

White Supremacist Richard Spencer punched in the face. ESO TE PASO POR COMEMIERDA.

White Supremacist Richard Spencer Hate Speech Drowned Out by Chants of “No Trump, no KKK, no Fascist USA!”

Thousands Of Protestors Show Up In Florida To Drown Out Richard Spencer's Hate Speech

El Pueblo Catalán Pide: 'Declaración Unilateral de Independencia.'

Spain Sets Stage to Take Control of Catalonia in Independence Fight

Che Did the Right Thing

The sicarios of Cuban Dictator Fulgencio Batista (supported by the Yankee imperialists)  murdered more than 20,000 Cubans during his blody reign of 1952-1958.

What Che did at La Cabaña is called 'Revolutionary Justice.' Let the current tyrants around the world tremble.

Al que no le guste, que tome purgante.

Dubbya condemns bigotry without mentioning You Know Who

October 19, 2017

"Bigotry in any form is blasphemy against the American creed and it means the very identity of our nation depends on the passing of civic ideals to the next generation. We need a renewed emphasis on civic learning in schools, and our young people need positive role models. Bullying and prejudice in our public life sets a national tone, provides permission for cruelty and bigotry, and compromises the moral education of children."


News for the Stupid From Faux News

Caves discovered on the Moon raise hope for human colonization

JG: Hury up and buy your tickets from Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos. Ha! Ha! Ha! SUCKERS!

Greed and Fraud are the foundation of American capitalism

A word to the wise: If you trust an American capitalist, then you deserve what you are going to get.

I do not trust Donald Trump. He is a scummy capitalist millionaire.

Spain at the precipice of a new civil war

World Youth Condemn Yankee imperialism

Un espacio de legítima denuncia a los crímenes del imperialismo se erigió en el Tribunal Internacional Antimperialista, que en la agenda del XIX Festival Mundial de la Juventud y los Estudiantes tuvo lugar este miércoles...

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Mother of Slain Soldier Says Trump Was Disrespectful

New York Times

Trump Told a Soldier’s Widow Her Husband ‘Knew What He Signed Up For,’ His Mother Says


WASHINGTON — President Trump’s condolence call to the widow of a slain soldier exploded into an acrid row on Wednesday, with the man’s mother accusing the president of disrespecting her family and Mr. Trump complaining that his words had been cynically twisted for political purposes.

The president had told the widow of Sgt. La David T. Johnson, one of four Americans killed in an Oct. 4 ambush in Niger, that her husband “knew what he signed up for,” and he referred to the soldier only as “your guy,” according to Sergeant Johnson’s mother and a Democratic congresswoman, who both listened to the call.

Xi JinPing heralds 'new era' of Chinese power at Communist party congress

Great Hall of the People at Night
Source: Wikipedia

The Guardian

Tom Phillips in Beijing

Wednesday 18 October 2017 00.54 EDT

Xi Jinping has heralded the dawn of a “new era” of Chinese politics and power at the start of a historic Communist party congress celebrating the end of his first term in office.

Speaking in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, at the start of the week-long 19th party congress, Xi told delegates that thanks to decades of “tireless struggle” China stood “tall and firm in the east”.

Continue reading.

Venezuelan President, Nicolas Maduro, condemns the 'brutal represion' in Catalonia by the Madrid goverment of Mariano Rajoy - 1st October, 2017

JG: my regrets in publishing this report this late, but the Yankee imperialist main-stream news media has big anti-Venezuela phobias and the report was not published in any of the capitalist main news outlets.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro condemned the "brutal repression" of protesters defending a banned Catalan independence referendum Sunday -- branding Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy a "dictator."

"I do not interfere in the internal affairs of Catalonia, Spain or any country, but these are international events of great importance (...). The repression appeared brutal, really brutal, because if people are peaceful and calm, leave them alone," Maduro said on state television channel VTV.

"Who is a dictator? Nicolas Maduro or Rajoy -- who has chosen blood, the club and the blow against a noble people?" he asked before comparing events to the Franco era of 1939-1975.

Maduro is himself accused by the Venezuelan opposition of "savage repression" during a wave of protests between April and July, which left some 125 people dead.

But he justified police and military action in his country by arguing Catalonians "did not have hoods or homemade guns like the Venezuelan right."

Relations between Caracas and Madrid deteriorated following the creation of an all-powerful Constitutional Assembly in Venezuela -- with Spain pressing the European Union to impose sanctions on Maduro's government.

Hundreds were injured in clashes during the Catalan referendum Sunday.

© 2017 AFP

JG: a big applause for Venezuelan president Maduro for condemnig the violence that fascist and falangist Mariano Rajoy unleashed on the peaceful Catalonian people. It has also been condemned by Human Riights Watch and Amnesty International.

Very Obvious

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

How come that the appropiate authorities have not yet put handcuffs around the wrists of Harvey Weinstein?

National Security Archive at George Washington University publishes the secret documents of the 1962 Missle Crisis

The Yankee imperialists had secret plans to invade Cuba. The USSR saved Cuba with its missiles.

Link to PDF File

CNBC is one of the biggest purveyors of garbage news in the USA

Here is their latest example: North Korea's economy may not survive another year, defector says

Remember the garbage news about Cuba? Its econonomy was going to collapse and the people were starving. It was produced for low intelligence people.

Why are Americans so gullible?

PDF Link to the Ireland Che Guevara Stamp Philatelic Bulletin (Downloadable)

Link to PDF File

Ireland produces very beautiful Philatelic Bulletin.

The 2017 Christmas stamp is gorgeous.

Fascist right-wingers are having a mental breakdown and whining event because of the postage stamp issued by Ireland on October 5

Buy Che Stammp From Ireland Post Office

Pobrecita: La Loba Feroz, as alwyas, is the queen bee of whining in Miami.

Tributo al Che a 20 años de su regreso a Santa Clara

Este 17 de octubre, el pueblo santaclareño recordará las dos décadas del momento en que el Comandante Ernesto Che Guevara regresó para siempre a la ciudad liberada por él en diciembre de 1958, sitio donde descansa junto a sus compañeros de lucha

Autor: Ángel Freddy Pérez Cabrera |
16 de octubre de 2017 23:10:11

SANTA CLARA.–Este 17 de octubre, el pueblo santaclareño recordará las dos décadas del momento en que el Comandante Ernesto Che Guevara regresó para siempre a la ciudad liberada por él en diciembre de 1958, sitio donde descansa junto a sus compañeros de lucha.

Como parte de la conmemoración, tendrá lugar un acto político cultural en el Complejo Escultórico que se honra con su nombre en esta ciudad, momento en que será evocada la figura del Guerrillero Heroico y aquel instante épico en que Fidel lo recibió en esta plaza junto al Destacamento de Refuerzo.

Previo a la actividad, se producirá el tradicional cambio de flores en el Memorial que guarda los restos de los caídos y la cancelación de un sello postal, mientras en horas de la tarde en la Universidad Central Marta Abreu de Las Villas se promoverá la obra Canto épico de la ternura, un libro del escritor Vicente Ronni Feliú.

Asimismo, el homenaje comprende la proyección de un documental que recoge los principales momentos del retorno victorioso del Che a Santa Clara, además del reconocimiento a hombres y mujeres que se han destacado en los trabajos de recuperación del territorio de las heridas causadas por el huracán Irma.

Como se recordará, el 17 de octubre de 1997 se realizaron las honras fúnebres en la plaza santaclareña, ocasión en la que una enorme multitud se congregó allí para recibir victorioso, como dijo Fidel, al Comandante Che Guevara, acto que fue antecedido por aquel tributo sin precedentes, primero en La Habana y después en el trayecto hasta la Sala Caturla, de la Biblioteca Provincial Martí, donde miles de villaclareños le rindieron tributo desde el 14 y hasta el 17, día en que Fidel pronunció un emotivo discurso para recibir al Che y sus compañeros de lucha.

Why did Ireland print a small number of Che Guevara stamps? An Irish Farley's Follies?

It appears that Ireland may have commited a big blunder by underestimating the demand for the stamp that it isuued on October 5 to commemorate the iconic revolutionary fighter.

The Irish Times reports that the "First Print of the Stamp Has Sold Out."

The article states that : An Post confirms all 122,000 stamps with iconic image are gone and it will print new stock.

Normally postal administrations print large quantities of stamps to generate additional income for the government. 

Monday, October 16, 2017

Ireland has also issued two Post & Go Labels for Christmas 2017

Ireland Issues €1.00 Stamp to Commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Death of Che Guevara

The stamps were issued on October 5 in sheetlets of 16 stamps
The design is by Irish artist Jim Fitzpatrick.
The printer is Cartor Security Printing.

Product Codes:
Single Stamp: 1717100 €1.00 
Sheetlet of 16 Stamps: 1717100 €16.00
First Day Cover: 1717FDC €2.00

The 04/17 Philatelic Bulletin has two pages dedicated to the new issue.   

To purchse visit

Sheetlet of 16

First Day Cover

The choices for Catalonia are very clear: Independence or continuing receiving threats and demands from the autocratic central Madrid goverment

Catalonia is a very wealthy part of Spain. They send more money to Madrid than they receive in benefits.

Independence is fraught with dangers. They risk violence from Mariano Rajoy, who has as his foundation the same type of policies as fascist Francisco Franco.

Live free or face potential death? Dignity or slavery?

Cuba had to fight twice for its independence, first the Spaniards and then the corrupt Yankee imperialism imposed puppet.

An independent Catalonia? Leader still refusing to reveal intentions.

JG: When you read the above WaPo article, remember: the Yankees support fascist Rajoy. They have always been in favor of slavery, starting in 1776. Washington and Jefferson were slave owners.

Their tall tales about democracy are nothing but lies. USA is the dictatorship of big capital.

Catalonia has to arm its citizens and fight for independence, if needed. Rajoy is not going to send his sons or daughters to fight. He represents fascism. He wants the easy life.

On Thursday, the Women's Convention organizers -- who also led the Women's March in January -- announced Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders will be a featured speaker at the three-day event, which will take place in Detroit later this month.

The announcement was published in CNN.

The "backlash" that CNN refers to in the article headline is only in the very fertile minds of CNN. They just quoted a lonely lady who questioned the decision to invite the most popular person in the USA right now.

Bernie will work for the people; Trump works for the capitalist millionaires, the banks and Wall Street.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

The silly headlines of the New York Times

Becoming a Steelworker Liberated Her. Then Her Job Moved to Mexico.

How silly can American capitalists get?

Jobs do not move by themselves to Mexico.

A scummy capitalist moved her job to Mexico.

Here we are in 2017 and the capitalists keep on destroying the USA.

Needless to say, I did not bother to read the article.

Puigdemont honra a Companys en el 77 aniversario del fusilamiento por los fascistas de Francisco Franco

 El presidente de la Generalitat  Carles Puigdemont junto a la alcaldesa Ada Colau y la presidenta del Parlament, Carme Forcadell, durante la tradicional ofrenda ante la tumba del presidente de la Generalitat republicana Lluis Companys coincidiendo con el 77 aniversario de su muerte   / AFP / PAU BARRENA

Articulo de El Periodico

Lluís Companys

As the rats leave UNESCO, the People's Republic of China reaffirms its continuing support

Beijing reaffirms UNESCO support

#MeanAndNastyDonaldTrump finds himself alone at the dance, and no one wants to dance with him.

Please send a shrink to the White House immediately and play the oldie popular song 'They Are Coming to Take Me Away.' Hah! Hah! Heeh! Heeh!

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Trump is 'unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office' says former Bush aide

A Huge Difference

Next month I will start my 57th year since I came to the USA in 1961, as a victim of Operation Peter Pan.

The November of 1961, under John F. Kennedy, was a much better country than the October of 2017, under Donald Trump. But then, he said YES to the CIA "operation" at the Bay of Pigs.

From that poinf forward it was all downhill.

Today, dishonesty and greed reign supreme in the USA.

The only people that kiss the asses of the Americans are the Zionist Jews of Israel.

Americans are disliked throughout the world.

Scams and frauds are everywhere today and are 'our daily bread.'

Jobs were plentiful, with decent union representation and wages in 1961.

When I became a US citizen, in 1970, you could buy a home with an enormous back yard with $16,000. Today, you need a quarter of a million dollars and two incomes to buy a comparable home.

I could by a brand new Torino station wagon with $3,200.00. Today, a comparable car will be $25,000,00.

The politicians and capitalism have destroyed the dollar and the USA.


'Star Wars' fantasy? Cubans doubt US sonic attacks claims


"I don't believe any part of it," said Luis Felipe Gonzalez, a 59-year-old taxi driver, as he waited for customers nearby. "It's absurd [USA] propaganda."

"It sounds like Star Wars," said Dayan Rosete, a 23-year-old language student, as he stood chatting with a friend in front of the Habana Libre hotel.

Link to ABC News article

JG: my own personal opinion is that this was a carefully planned CIA operation ennacted with the sole purposse of discrediting Cuba. The communist phobias of the Yankee imperialists are well known and are all-encompassing. Donald Trump is a Yankee fanatic not worthy of trust.

Another example of American infantilism?

Social Security benefits to get another small boost in 2018, about $25.00

Millions of Social Security recipients and other retirees will get a 2 percent increase in benefits next year, the largest increase since 2012, thought it comes to only $25 a month for the average beneficiary.

Friday, October 13, 2017

FFRF wins major housing allowance challenge (again)

A federal judge for a second time has ruled in favor of the historic challenge by the Freedom From Religion Foundation of a housing allowance in the tax code that uniquely privileges clergy.

At issue is the constitutionality of 26 U.S.C. § 107(2), a provision in the tax code that excludes from gross income a housing allowance paid to a "minister of the gospel."

Rep. Peter Mack, sponsor of the 1954 law challenged by FFRF, argued that ministers should be rewarded with a clergy allowance for "carrying on such a courageous fight against this [a godless and anti-religious world movement]." The clergy allowance is not a tax deduction but an exemption—allowing housing allowances paid as part of clergy salary to be subtracted from taxable income.

In 2013, U.S. District Judge Barbara Crabb ruled in FFRF's favor in its original challenge. Crabb's finding sent "shockwaves through the religious community," according to the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability, which bitterly fought the ruling, along with just about every religious denomination in the country.

In November 2014, the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals threw out that victory—not on the merits but on the question of standing—arguing that Barker and Gaylor hadn't yet sought a refund of their housing allowance from the IRS. Accordingly, they sought them and when denied, went back to court.

FFRF, a national state/church watchdog based in Madison, Wis., renewed its historic challenge of the housing allowance in April 2016. Sued are Steve Mnuchin, , U.S. secretary of the treasury, and John Koskinen, IRS commissioner. The case also had religious intervenors as defendants.

Plaintiffs are FFRF Co-Presidents Dan Barker and Annie Laurie Gaylor, and Ian Gaylor, representing the estate of President Emerita Anne Nicol Gaylor, whose retirement was paid in part as a housing allowance.

"Although defendants try to characterize § 107(2) as an effort by Congress to treat ministers fairly and avoid religious entanglement, the plain language of the statute, its legislative history and its operation in practice all demonstrate a preference for ministers over secular employees," writes Crabb, for the Western District of Wisconsin.

"As I noted in the earlier lawsuit," Crabb writes, "there is no reasonable interpretation of the statute under which the phrase minister of the gospel could be construed to include employees of an organization whose purpose is to keep religion out of the public square."

Any reasonable observer would conclude that the purpose and effect of the statute is to provide financial assistance to one group of religious employees without any consideration to the secular employees who are similarly situated to ministers, Crabb noted. "Under current law, that type of provision violates the establishment clause," she adds.

"In reaching this conclusion, I do not mean to imply that any particular minister is undeserving of the exemption or does not have a financial need for one. The important point is that many equally deserving secular employees (as well as other kinds of religious employees) could benefit from the exemption as well, but they must satisfy much more demanding requirements despite the lack of justification for the difference in treatment."

Crabb also discusses financial benefits to even wealthy ministers: ""Thus, an evangelist with a multimillion dollar home is entitled under § 107(2) to deduct the entire rental value of that home, even if it is not used for church purposes. ("Joel Osteen lives in a $10.5 million home and is entitled to exclude the fair rental value of that home so long as he spends that money on the home and his church allocates that amount to housing.")."

The benefit of the tax exemption to the clergy is enormous. The congressional Joint Committee on Taxation has reported that the exemption amounts to $700 million a year in lost revenue. Religion News Service calculated the allowance increases the take-home pay of some pastors by up to 10 percent. This is because churches benefit, since tax-free salaries lower their overhead. Christianity Today found that 84 percent of senior pastors receive a housing allowance of $20,000 to $38,000 in added (but not reported) compensation to their base salary.

"The manner in which our housing allowance has been used borders on clergy malpractice," William Thornton, a Georgia pastor and blogger, told Forbes magazine in 2013. "A growing subset of ministers who are very highly paid and who live in multimillion dollar mansions are able to exclude hundreds of thousands of dollars from income taxation."

Clergy are permitted to use the housing allowance not just for rent or mortgage, but for home improvements, including maintenance, home improvements and repairs, dishwashers, cable TV and phone fees, paint, towels, bedding, home décor, even personal computers and bank fees. They may be exempt from taxable income up to the fair market rental value of their home, particularly helping well-heeled pastors. The subsidy extends to churches, which can pay clergy less, as tax-free salaries go further.

FFRF's complaint alleges that the section "directly benefits ministers and churches, most significantly by lowering a minister's tax burden, while discriminating against the individual plaintiffs, who as the leaders of a nonreligious organization opposed to governmental endorsements of religion are denied the same benefit."

Crabb issued a declaration that the tax benefit is unconstitutional and directed the parties to file briefing on whether additional remedies are needed.

The district court victory is FFRF's third court victory in eight days. Last week a federal court in Pennsylvania agreed a Christian cross on a county seal and flag violates the constitutional separation of church and state and a federal court in Florida sided with FFRF, AU and ACLU in permitting an atheist invocation at the Brevard County Board.

The case was filed on behalf of FFRF by litigator Richard L. Bolton. Gaylor et al v. U.S. Treasury has case number 3:16-cv-00215.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation, based in Madison, Wis., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational charity, is the nation's largest association of freethinkers (atheists, agnostics), and has been working since 1978 to keep religion and government separate.

JG: If you are a frequent visitor to CJ you know, by now, that the publisher/editor of Cuba Journal strongly believes that organized religion is for the dumb, the ignorant and the gullible, the uneducated and the unintelligent.

Inter-city bus connections in the USA are like capitalism itself: SHITTY.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Nazis & Right-Wingers Are Jumping for Joy as Donald Trump Prepares to Do a Harvey Weinstein on Cuba

JG: No wonder Americans are disliked throughout the world. 
The Ugly American  #MeandAndNastyDonaldTrump keeps getting uglier and uglier.

BY MELANIE ZANONA - 10/11/17 06:00 AM EDT

Cuba is bracing for the impact of a one-two punch from the Trump administration: stricter travel rules and an official warning about visiting the island.

The U.S. is expected to soon publish new regulations that will make it tougher for Americans to travel to Cuba. President Trump announced the rules over the summer, keeping with his campaign promise to crack down on the Communist government.

Continue reading at The Hill.

Donald Trump's Latest Scam

Cartoonist: John Cole

 JG: Stop #MeanAndNastyDonaldTrump 
Before He Blows Up the World

Trump Warns Puerto Rico Weeks After Storms: Federal Help Cannot Stay ‘Forever’

JG: Is he in fact sying: DROP DEAD? Is he saying: "I am in the White House to help millionaries only?

Link to NYT article.


WASHINGTON — President Trump suggested again on Thursday that Puerto Rico bore some of the blame for its current crisis following twin hurricanes, and warned that there were limits to how long he would keep troops and federal emergency workers on the island to help.

JG: On 9/29, the San Juan mayor, had criticized the Donald Trump aministration very strongly. She said: “This is, damn it, this is not a good news story. This is a ‘people are dying’ story. This is a ‘life or death’ story. This is ‘there’s a truckload of stuff that cannot be taken to people’ story. This is a story of a devastation that continues to worsen.”

JG: The NYT article continued:

"Mr. Trump’s political adversaries quickly pounced on what they said was evidence of a lack of interest or urgency on the part of the president. And some saw an echo of the comments made in 2005 by former President George W. Bush, when he praised then-FEMA head Michael Brown for doing “a heck of a job” in the midst of what was widely seen as a slow and botched recovery effort in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina."

JG: My opinion: Donald Trump did not learn from the history of Katrina.

See also:

Cuba's Report 2017: U.N. Resolution 71/5 Necessity of ending the blockade imposed by USA against Cuba

Universidad mexicana concede Honoris Causa a Fidel Castro

El título fue entregado en acto solemne por Alfredo Barrera, rector de ese centro de altos estudios, a Pedro Núñez Mosquera, embajador cubano en la nación azteca. Foto: Cubaminrex.

Human Rights Watch accuses Spain of using excessive force in Catalonia

Cuba’s first vice president , Miguel Diaz-Canel, labels U.S. reports of sonic attacks against diplomats as ‘tall tales’

In his most important speech so far this year, the possible successor to Raúl Castro described accusations made by the U.S. government of sonic attacks targeting nearly two dozen of its diplomats stationed in Cuba as “tall tales.” (Miami Gusano Herald)

Donald Trump escalates his threats against the press in the USA. IMPEACH!

JG: Autocratic Donald Trump continues threatening freedom of the press in the United States.

The Washington Post is reporting that "President Trump on Wednesday lashed out over a critical news report and escalated his previous attacks on the media by suggesting that news organizations he disagrees with be shut down, alarming free-speech advocates who compared the tactics to intimidation efforts by the Nixon administration."

Continue reading at WaPo.

JG: His list of impeachable offenses keeps growing every day.

Otorga la UNESCO premio a Casa de las Américas de Cuba

Será reconocida con el Premio UNESCO-UNAM/Jaime Torres Bodet 2017 en Ciencias Sociales, Humanidades y Arte

Autor: Prensa Latina |

11 de octubre de 2017 12:10:10

PARÍS.— La Casa de las Américas de Cuba será reconocida con el Premio UNESCO-UNAM/Jaime Torres Bodet 2017 en Ciencias Sociales, Humanidades y Arte, anunció hoy esa organización de las Naciones Unidas.

Continuar leyendo en Granma

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

News about the new wannabe USA politician

Former Alabama Judge Roy Moore had arranged to receive a salary of $180,000 a year for part-time work at the Foundation for Moral Law. (WaPo)

WOW! What an outstanding US citizen. I say he is just another capitalist greed-hog. 

Much worse than hurricanes: 17 dead and 500 missing in California wildfires

The Death of Che Guevara Declassified

Che Guevara after the battle of Santa Clara during the Cuban revolution in 1958. (Wikimedia Commons / Oficina de Asuntos Históricos de Cuba)

By Peter Kornbluh

A top-secret CIA memo shows that US officials considered his execution a crucial victory—but they were mistaken in believing Che’s ideas could be buried along with his body.

No Way, José

Trump Wanted Tenfold Increase in Nuclear Arsenal, Surprising Military

JG: We have to get that mentally deranged man out of the White House.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Scum NRA

The NRA was extrmely upset that an African-American had been in the White House for eight years.

What did they do?

Read on:

"[In 2016], the [NRA] bet big on Donald Trump, pouring $30 million into his campaign and millions more to stack Congress with gun-friendly lawmakers. The gamble paid off: All but one of its Senate candidates was elected, and Trump has publicly aligned himself with the lobbying group."

JG: Consequently, we now have a moron for POTUS that was bought and paid by the group that is responsible for all the gun massacres in the USA.


With Trump in the White House, the gun lobby has transformed [itself] into a right-wing media outlet.

All the rich capitalist countries of the world are ruled by conservative SCUM.

USA, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain.

They are allied partners-in-crime in f*cking their people.

The Garbage Goverment that the USA has

The USA has a GARBAGE goverment that has as the only reason for its existence the satisfacion of the needs of scummy BIG CAPTIAL.

If we had a parliamentary system, like the British have, a motion of censure would pass immediately in the USA.

#MeanAndNastyDonaldTrump is only governing with a 40.4% approval rating from the American people. The Americans seem to be more interested in opioids and pot than geting rid of the MORON in the White House.

At the end, Puigdemont had weak knees and little courage

Así reaccionó la gente a la declaración de independencia suspendida por parte de Puigdemont. Silbidos y algún grito de "traidor" (Twitter)

Puigdemont declares independence, but suspended to allow for dialogue

An hour later than the planned time, the Catalan president, Carles Puigdemont, has appeared in the Catalan Parliament to say that he accepts the mandate of the 1st October referendum that Catalonia becomes an independent state, but immediately, and "with the same solemnity", proposed that the effects of a declaration of independence be suspended to allow for dialogue to take place.

Link to the complete article.

Las fotos y vídeos de la declaración de independencia de Catalunya

Carles Puigdemont has finished his speech.

Sobre la mesa está la declaración unilateral de independencia.

Puigdemont inicia, por fin, su discurso. "Vivimos un momento excepcional, de dimensión histórica", subraya. "Catalunya es un asunto europeo", dice, rechazando las afirmaciones de que se trataba de "un asunto doméstico". Afirma que no se debe esperar de su comparecencia "ni amenazas ni insultos". Y apunta a la "necesidad de desescalar la tensión".

"La manera de avanzar no puede ser otra que la democracia y la paz", señala. Apunta que, en los últimos días, ha recibido multitud de "sugerencias", todas ellas, "lícitas". Ha pedido también, añade, "opinión a distintas personas", que agradece.

"Lo que expondré hoy no es una decisión personal", señala. "Hoy toca hablar de los resultados del 1-O en el Parlament y eso es lo que haremos", añade. Alude a las "condiciones extremas" en que los catalanes votaron el 1 de octubre. "La Policía y la Guardia Civil golpearon a personas indefensas y obligaron a atender a más de 800 personas", recuerda. Y añade: "Lo vio el mundo".

El presidente de la Generalitat asegura que a quienes promovieron la represión policial "les salió el tiro por la culata", porque más de dos millones de personas votaron "porque vencieron al miedo". Se refiere a las detenciones de altos cargos del Govern del pasado septiembre, al afirmar que esas operaciones "no impidieron el referéndum". Los catalanes que fueron a los colegios electorales, dice, encontraron urnas, papeletas y un censo "fiable".

Acusa al Gobierno de "no mover un dedo" por mejorar la situación de Catalunya, sino todo lo contrario. Todo esto, que tacha de "desprecio", ha tenido como consecuencia que millares de ciudadanos llegaran a la conclusión de que "la única forma de garantizar la supervivencia" del autogobierno era que Catalunya se convierta en Estado.

"Catalunya se ha ganado el derecho a ser un Estado independiente", asegura. "Hoy Catalunya es escuchada y respetada más allá de nuestras fronteras", añade. Y señala que las urnas han dicho 'sí' a la independencia entre "porrazos".

Puigdemont is speaking now,

19:01 Los diputados van volviendo a ocupar sus escaños en el hemiciclo, cuando ya son las siete.

18:59 La convocatoria del pleno se mantiene, con los votos a favor de JxSí, la CUP y Catalunya Sí que es Pot, con lo que queda desestimada la petición del PP y C's.

The Guardian has a LIVE feed also.


No se olviden: 90% de los Catalanes (más de 2.2 millones) votaron por Independencia, Sí

18:06: La comparecencia del 'president' Puigdemont en el Parlament se retrasa hasta las siete por una reunión de última hora de la Mesa y la Junta de Portavoces.

El Periodico has a live VIDEO feed of the Catalan Parliament meeting


One More Photo: INDEPENDENCE YES! (Welcome Catalan Republic)

Siource: Twitter

Huge demonstration at this moment near the Parliament, as Catalonians await Declaration of Independence

Source: Twitter

In the back you can see a big TV scren where people will be able to watch the speech of 
Carles Puigdemont.

17:04 Puigdemont llega al Parlament entre aplausos. El 'president' se reunirá ahora con el grupo de Junts pel Sí.. (El Periodico)

It appears that Reuter's has its dates very confused and mixed-up

It appears that Reuters is getting their dates very confused and mixed up.

Miguel Diaz-Canel gave a speech on Sunday, October 8, 2017.

The speech was about the 50th Anniversary of the death of Ernesto 'Che' Guevara.

The speech was published on the 9th in Granma:

Discurso pronunciado por Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, miembro del Buró Político del Comité Central del Partido y primer vicepresidente de los Consejos de Estado y de Ministros, en el acto por el 50 Aniversario de la caída del Che en Bolivia, en Santa Clara, el 8 de octubre de 2017, «Año 59 de la Revolución».

Link to the speech of Miguel Diaz-Canel (In Spanish)

Reuters: Likely successor to Cuba's Castro rejects U.S. demands for change

See note at the end of this post.

 #WORLD NEWS OCTOBER 8, 2017 / 10:13 AM

HAVANA (Reuters) - The man forecast to replace Cuban President Raul Castro early next year rejected U.S. demands that the Communist-run country change its political and economic system.

In a Sunday speech blasting U.S. pressure on the Venezuelan government and what he termed an effort to discredit the Cuban tourism industry, First Vice President Miguel Diaz-Canel said these and other recent events in the region proved “imperialism can never be trusted, not even a tiny bit, never.”

Diaz-Canel was quoting Ernesto Che Guevara at a ceremony commemorating the 50th anniversary of the death of the revolutionary who had helped lead a Bolivian uprising modeled after Cuba’s.

“Cuba will not make concessions to its sovereignty and independence, nor negotiate its principles or accept the imposition of conditions,” Diaz-Canel said, apparently responding to U.S. President Donald Trump’s recent statement at the United Nations that sanctions would not be lifted until the Caribbean island restores democracy and capitalism.

“The changes needed in Cuba will solely be carried out by the Cuban people,” Diaz-Canel said.

Castro, 86, has announced he will step down as president in February. Experts expect Diaz-Canel, 57, to become the first head of state since the early 1960s without Castro as a last name.

There are no direct elections in Cuba for national office.

Trump said in June that he would once more tighten sanctions on Cuba and seek a better deal from the country than the gradual detente achieved by predecessor Barack Obama.

The Trump administration has drastically reduced staffing at its embassy in Cuba and ordered a reciprocal reduction of Cuban diplomats in Washington due to a series of alleged “health attacks” on U.S. personnel in Havana.

The United States has not blamed Cuba for the still unsolved incidents but holds it responsible for not protecting its personnel. The administration has also issued a travel warning stating U.S. citizens might be targeted.

“Some unnamed officials are propagating unusual nonsense without any evidence, with the perverse aim of discrediting the impeccable reputation of our country as a safe destination for foreign visitors, including from the United States,” Diaz-Canel said.

Reporting by Marc Frank; Editing by Lisa Von Ahn

Link to Reuters Article:

Update: Reuters has all its dates mixed up and confused. See the following (chronoligical) post of Cuba Journal.

Cuba Does It. Why Can’t the U.S. Provide Healthcare for Its Poor?

The island nation scores better than the United States when it comes to infant mortality and life expectancy. Part of the reason is healthcare is a right there.

Written by Temma Ehrenfeld on October 9, 2017

JG: In the USA, there are two things that are very impotant:

1) Putting money in the pockets of capitalist millionaires and billionaires.

2) El Bizneo.

Un Grito de Libertad: 10 de Octubre de 1868

Pintura de Manuel Mesa. Foto: Manuel Mesa

En el ingenio Demajagua, Céspedes proclamó como los dos venerables principios de la Revolución la independencia absoluta y la justicia social

Autor: Sumaily Pérez Carrandi |
9 de octubre de 2017 00:10:10

A media mañana, Carlos Manuel de Céspedes le dio la libertad a su medio centenar de esclavos, gesto que imitaron otros propietarios presentes. Como «ciudadanos», se dirigió a los emancipados: «ese sol que véis alzarse por la cumbre del Turquino, viene a alumbrar el primer día de libertad. Los que me quieran seguir, que me sigan: los que se quieran quedar, que se queden. Todos seguirán tan libres como los demás». La mayor parte se incorporó a la sublevación.

El Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro, en la velada conmemorativa por los Cien Años de Lucha, efectuada en  el ingenio Demajagua, el 10 de octubre de 1968, refiriéndose al proceder del Padre de la Patria en 1868, expresaría: «Es incuestionable que Céspedes tuvo la clara idea de que aquel alzamiento no podía esperar demasiado ni podía arriesgarse a recorrer el largo trámite de una organización perfecta, de un ejército armado, de grandes cantidades de armas, para iniciar la lucha, porque en las condiciones de nuestro país en aquellos instantes resultaba sumamente difícil. Y Céspedes tuvo la decisión».

La proclamación del inicio de la lucha armada como la vía para obtener la independencia, con los recursos y fuerzas internas, sin presencia de tropas extranjeras y con el propósito de eliminar la esclavitud, constituyó en el plano estratégico, sin lugar a dudas, el aporte más significativo del pensamiento político-militar de Carlos Manuel de Céspedes.

Contaba con 49 años de edad. Según relatan algunos de sus correligionarios y allegados, poseía una vasta cultura, era licenciado en Derecho, gozaba de una recia y carismática personalidad y tenía un valor personal a toda prueba, demostrado en diferentes circunstancias antes del alzamiento.

En Bayamo se instituyó la forma militar de gobierno. Sobre la decisión de nombrar a Céspedes General en Jefe, José Martí expresó que, tanto Céspedes como quienes lo eligieron, pensaban «que la autoridad no debía estar dividida, pues la unidad de mando era la salvación de la revolución ya que la diversidad de jefes, en vez de acelerar, entorpecía los movimientos. Él tenía un fin rápido, la independencia».

Con Céspedes nació de las entrañas del pueblo un nuevo tipo de ejército en las circunstancias políticas de Cuba, una institución armada destinada a dar cumplimiento al proyecto político proclamado en Demajagua y, por tanto, la antítesis del ejército colonial español creado para defender y proteger las cuantiosas riquezas e intereses de la metrópoli y de la oligarquía peninsular y criolla, lo cual incluía la permanencia de la esclavitud.

Al Ejército Libertador podía integrarse cualquier ciudadano del país, independientemente de su clase social, color de la piel, y nacionalidad; solo se exigía un compromiso: combatir con las armas en la mano al colonialismo español y luchar por la total independencia de la Isla.

Este ejército fue la naciente institución cubana creada por la revolución, bajo la dominación colonial, y por lo tanto se convertiría desde ese momento y por siempre, en guardián perenne de la soberanía y la independencia de Cuba.

Céspedes, quien desde el 10 de octubre de 1868 ocupó el mando político-militar de la Revolución hasta su deposición por la Cámara de Representantes en 1873, enfrentó a cuatro capitanes generales con una larga hoja de servicio militar y experiencia combativa: los tenientes generales Francisco Lersundi y Ormaechea, Domingo Dulce y Garay, Antonio Fernández Caballero de Rodas y Blas Villate de la Hera.

«Fue un ser humano; quiero decir: no era perfecto ni infalible. Algunos de sus actos recibieron juicios adversos, pero todos, absolutamente todos, estuvieron apegados a su conciencia y al elevado concepto del deber, que sobrepuso decididamente a cualquier otro sentimiento, incluso a su amor paternal. Creía firmemente que la Revolución es la fuente del Derecho», así lo definiría Eusebio Leal Spengler, historiador de La Habana.

Él fue líder de un nítido patriotismo que implicaba una enorme cultura y visión general de la sociedad de su tiempo. Solamente teniendo en cuenta ese fundamento cultural y cosmopolita de su personalidad, es que puede entenderse su inclinación a la independencia total y absoluta de Cuba.

Las ideas políticas y revolucionarias de Carlos Manuel de Céspedes y de los hombres que lo acompañaron en la lucha, quedaron reflejadas en el Manifiesto que se dio a conocer en Demajagua con el estallido revolucionario el 10 de octubre de 1868. En este documento se anunciaba el comienzo de una guerra justa, anticolonial y antiesclavista y, además, se exponían las causas políticas, económicas y sociales que justificaban la decisión de recurrir a la lucha armada para eliminar la dominación colonial.

Asimismo, se dio a conocer el proyecto político que rompía con las ideas reformistas, anexionistas y autonomistas para lograr, simultáneamente con la liberación nacional del yugo español, la abolición de la esclavitud. El 10 de octubre abrió una época de revolución política y social en Cuba.

En el Manifiesto subrayó: «(... ) Nosotros consagramos estos dos venerables principios: nosotros creemos que todos los hombres son iguales, amamos la tolerancia, el orden y la justicia en todas las materias; respetamos las vidas y propiedades de todos los ciudadanos pacíficos, aunque sean los mismos españoles, residentes en este territorio, admiramos el sufragio universal que asegura la soberanía del pueblo; deseamos la emancipación gradual y bajo indemnización, de la esclavitud; el libre cambio con las naciones amigas (...) Cuba no puede pertenecer más a una potencia que, como Caín, mata a sus hermanos, y, como Saturno, devora a sus hijos. Cuba aspira a ser una nación grande y civilizada, para tender un brazo amigo y un corazón fraternal a todos los demás pueblos (...)».

En la mañana del 11 de octubre, los patriotas, encabezados por Céspedes, abandonaron Demajagua y partieron hacia la Sierra de Naguas. Luego acaecería el combate de Yara, el reagrupamiento del Ejército Libertador, el sitio y toma de Bayamo, Perucho, lápiz en ristre, desde su montura, redactando las estrofas del Himno… Comenzaba así la primera de nuestras guerras de independencia.

Rueda del ingenio Demajagua. Foto: Pastor Valdés

Catalonia's leader expected to declare independence from Spain. (CBC News, Canada.)

Police are guarding public buildings and closing off a park surrounding the regional Catalan parliament in Barcelona where a declaration of independence on Tuesday evening is likely to be met with a harsh response from Spanish central authorities.

Catalan president Carles Puigdemont hasn't revealed the precise message he will deliver in a 6 p.m. (12 p.m. ET) plenary session, but separatist politicians have said they expect a declaration based on the results of the disputed Oct. 1 independence referendum.

"I am thrilled," said Maria Redon, a 51-year-old office worker during Tuesday's busy commute in central Barcelona. "I've been waiting for this all my life. We have fought a lot to see an independent Catalonia."

Continue reading at CBC News, Canada.