Saturday, October 21, 2017

Cuba Journal expresses its solidarity with the People of Cataluña. INDEPENDENCE, YES!

El Pueblo Unido Jamás Será Vencido. 

Aljazeera Report

4 hours ago.

Barcelona - Moments after Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy announced that Spain would assume control of Catalonia's government, the streets of Catalonia's capital were once again filled with noise.

An estimated 450,000 people on Saturday gathered in Barcelona's centre to protest against Madrid's move to impose direct rule over the [province], a move regional officials described as a "coup".

Carrying the Estelada, the single-starred flag that symbolises an independent Catalonia, separatist supporters filled the city's streets and squares, while Spanish police helicopters buzzed overhead.

"We Catalans have no fear," protester Octavi Marti said, in response to Rajoy's decision to trigger Article 155 and dissolve the Catalan government.

"We will outlast them," the 39-year-old added.

Link to the complete article.

Mariano Rajoy must be shitting on his pants

He knows very well that Spain no longer rules Catalunya. He can continue with his blah, blah, blah edicts, but he can not enforce them.

450,000 have taken over the streets of Barcelona to repudiate the actions of the Madrid government

Ruptly has been covering it LIVE on You Tube for close to three hours.

Why is the CIA opposed to releasing the JFK assasination documents? Two Theories.

1) The CIA was directly involved with the Italo-American Mafia in the assasination of JFK.

2) Another unconfirmed report says that Anti-Cuba terrorist, Luis Posada Carriles, was in Dallas on the day of the assasination. Did the CIA hire him to assasinate JFK? He lives in the toilet of the USA, Miami. The fascist exiles in South Florida have always hated the USA because of the Bay of Pigs fiasco. They had a good motive to want JFK dead.

Trump plans to release JFK assassination documents despite concerns from federal agencies


CIA director Mike Pompeo “has been lobbying the president furiously not to release these documents.  (Washington Post)

JG: I say, "Let the Sunshine In." The people have a right to know. Trump is doing what needs to be done

A can of worms may be opened. We want to know the truth.

I personally think that Oswald was not acting alone. He had help. Did the CIA provide that help?


"He affirms that Chauncey Holt, one of three alleged vagrants - in truth, they were Mafia hitmen in disguise - who were detained, testified on the facts in a 2-hour video recording made shortly before his death that was never transmitted. "In this recording," said Dankbaar, "Holt names a few Cuban-Americans, and among them is Luis Posada Carriles. He identifies the other two tramps as Charles Rogers and Charles Harrelson. Harrelson is a convicted hitman serving life for another murder, and also the father of Hollywood actor Woody Harrelson."'


See also:

Reuters: Cuban ex-intelligence chief recalls JFK assassination

PDF: El relat visual de l' 1-0

BEWARE: in the USA, the Internet is full of scams & frauds. Criminals are everywhere.

Since January 20, the USA has gone from bad to worse.

Libertad para los dos Jordis (presos políticos) en España

La manifestación en apoyo a Jordi Sànchez y Jordi Cuixart en la Diagonal de Barcelona. Photo: JULIO CARBÓ

Catalunya Sí que es Pot = Cataluña Sí se Puede 

Falangist & autocratic Mariano Rajoy says: 'l état, cest moi'

Poor, poor Spain. Democracy is dead in that country.

Never mind that 2.3 millions Cataluñans voted for independence from Spain last October First, an overwhelming 90%.

Falangismo and dictatorship have returned to the land of Don Quijote de La Mancha.

Spain demands Catalonia elect new leaders weeks after region voted for independence

El Gobierno quiere cesar al Govern, limitar al Parlament y convocar elecciones en Catalunya

Friday, October 20, 2017

Eternal Shame on the Falangist Government of España's Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy

Spanish PM to unveil measures to fight Catalan separatists


Cuba Journal Recommends the Annual Calendars of 'Cat Lovers Against The Bomb'

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Oakland, Oregon 97462-0300

Los Dodgers Van a la Serie Mundial del 2017

World Series
World Series, Game 1
Tuesday, October 24 on FOX
Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles, California

Astros vs. Yankees AL Championship Series (3-2 NYY)

Lo que el falangista Mariano Rajoy y el comemierda del PSOE, Pedro Sanchez, le quieren imponer al pueblo catalán

"Mariano Rajoy y Pedro Sánchez han ido perfilando a la largo de las últimas semanas la aplicación del artículo 155 de la Constitución, para suspender competencias autonómicas y relevar a cargos del Govern si Carles Puigdemont no da marcha atrás." (El Periódico)

Complete Debate: Bernie Sanders takes on Ted Cruz on the proposed GOP Tax Cut

Thank you U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders for showing the American people that you do not support this YUGE tax cut bonanza for the millionaire buddies of #MeanAndNastyDonaldTrump. The working people of the USA thank you for being one of very few politicians who is on their side.

Abel fue el más leal de los amigos de Fidel

Fidel y Abel
Foto: Archivo de Granma

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Catalán parliament could vote on independece. When?

Thursday 19 October 2017

MADRID: Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont on Thursday said the regional parliament could vote on a formal declaration of independence from Spain if the central government failed to hold talks with Catalonia, ignoring a deadline to drop a secession bid.

“If the government continues to impede dialogue and continues with the repression, the Catalan parliament could proceed, if it is considered opportune, to vote on a formal declaration of independence,” Puigdemont said in a letter to Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy.

Puigdemont made the letter public only minutes before a 10am deadline he had been given by Rajoy to retract an ambiguous declaration of independence he made last week.

JG: the falange goverment of Mariano Rajoy is EXTREMELY STUPID.

White Supremacist Richard Spencer punched in the face. ESO TE PASO POR COMEMIERDA.

White Supremacist Richard Spencer Hate Speech Drowned Out by Chants of “No Trump, no KKK, no Fascist USA!”

Thousands Of Protestors Show Up In Florida To Drown Out Richard Spencer's Hate Speech

El Pueblo Catalán Pide: 'Declaración Unilateral de Independencia.'

Spain Sets Stage to Take Control of Catalonia in Independence Fight

Che Did the Right Thing

The sicarios of Cuban Dictator Fulgencio Batista (supported by the Yankee imperialists)  murdered more than 20,000 Cubans during his blody reign of 1952-1958.

What Che did at La Cabaña is called 'Revolutionary Justice.' Let the current tyrants around the world tremble.

Al que no le guste, que tome purgante.