Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Thousands of Cuban exiles are exploring an unusual option: Returning to Cuba to live

A very interesting article.


If you are a USA citizen and you move to Cuba or North Korea and
you are receiving USA  Social Security Benefits
the USA government will immediately steal/confiscate your benefits because
of their anti-communist phobias.

See the following article:

Cuban Americans who move back to the island can lose U.S. benefits. What does the Cuban government gain?

$$$$$ is the only GOD that the USA has!

La Florida contra farsa política de Marco Rubio


"Desde que llegó al Senado, Rubio ha votado sistemáticamente a favor de políticas y leyes copatrocinadas y respaldadas por la NRA."

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Marzo 13, 1957: Ataque al palacio presidencial del dictador Cubano Fulgencio Batista


I was two weeks short of being thirteen years old.

It was another normal day at the building #1312, 21 Street, between  Avenues 22 and 24 in the very quiet Vedado district of Havana.

No one knew that students from the University of Havana had rented several apartments in our building. It was a very strategic location that offered security to the young anti-Batista conspirators-heroes.

The large front stairs took the residents to their apartments. On the left side there was a service stairs that opened up to a very short passage-way to the dead-end 21 Street. Less than ten feet.

I remember seeing a very big truck parked there.

There was little furniture in the apartments. On the walls big signs said "SILENCIO." and "MANTENGA SUS CONVERSACIONES EN VOZ BAJA."

At the appointed date and time, the university students probably used the service stairs to descend from the apartments to the truck.

The mission: a military civilian attack against the presidential palace of Yankee-supported dictator Batista, to capture and execute him.

Unfortunately, the assault, for a number of reasons, was not successful. The Batista nightmare for the Cuban people would continue for two more years.

Honor and glory to the courageous university students who gave their lives on that date, so Cuba could be free of foreign domination.

The Student Directorate would become a very strong ally of the 26 of  July Movement, which was led by Dr. Fidel Castro.

After both movements attacked and captured Santa Clara, in central Cuba, Fulgencio Batista fled to the Dominican Republic on January First, 1959.

Cuba was finally free.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

In capitalist USA, guns are more important than school children

Photo: Internet

Six days ago: Unilateral decision by the United States government is politically motivated

Link to the Granma article

JG: The communist phobias of the Trump Administration continue.
Is he looking for more money for his pockets from the fascists in Miami?

Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Sunday, March 04, 2018


An injury to one is an injury to all.


The three unions representing West Virginia teachers and service personnel say they will stay out on strike following the state Senate's vote on Saturday to cut the 5% raises they negotiated with Gov. Jim Justice.
(Los Angeles Times)

Update: March14, 2018: Striking teachers in West Virginia show the power of collective action

"After nine days on strike, the teachers won. The Republican-controlled state Legislature and governor agreed to a 5 percent raise."

Saturday, March 03, 2018

What will Make America Great Again?

1) Medicare for all, with no Deductibles or Co-Pays.
2) $15.00 Minimun Wage for all Americans. No exceptions.
3) A guaranteed roof over your head.
4) Abolition of all home evictions.
3) Free College Tuition for all High School Graduates.
4) Nationalization of all home Utility Companies.
5) Rent Reform. You own your rental apatment or home after 10 years.
6) Goverment provided solar panels on your home or rental apartment.
7) Same vacation period as the French have. C'est la vie.
8) Increse Corporat Tax Rate to 49%. NO MORE CAPITALIST PARASITES!
9) Abolishemnt of the Supreme Court "Citizens United" ruling.
10) Abolish all wars as an istrument of foreign policy.

Our National Anthem will be changed to: "Happy Times Are Here Again."

The Man Who Put Winter Haven on the Map of the USA

George W. Jenkinns
Publix Supermarkets Founder

The Timucua and the Calusa were the earliest known inhabitants of the land that would become Winter Haven.

In 1930, George W. Jenkins opened the first Publix supermarket in Winter Haven. His second store and the first stand-alone Publix store, was a 27 ft by 65 ft building at 199 West Central Avenue, opened in 1935, which exists today as the Regenerations thrift store.

  Kayaks at Lake Silver
EC (Episcopal Catholic Apartments)

A great place to retire in Central Florida.

Source: (Wikipedia)

Friday, March 02, 2018

One Man's Opinion

The current goverment of Cuba should try to stop being nice to Donald Trump.

Why should Cuba be so nice to such a nasty man? It looks like they are becoming desperate beggars.

Be nice to your friends, Cuba, not your enemies.

Cuba's Capitol reopens after years of restoration

Thursday, March 01, 2018

Giffords gives a grade to the 50 States on Gun Control

Florida is among the  WORST.

Contact your Congressperson and ask him/her to become a
H.R. 5087
The Assault Weapons Ban of 2018.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

USA Central Bank, a.k.a. The Federal Reserve Bank, is preparing to launch an assault on your pockets and your bank account.

They will not be using AR-15's. They will be using a more potent weapon that will kill you slowlier.

It is called Higher Interest Rates. You will see it everywhere. 

The Federal Reserve claims that we have an "over-heated economy" (see below).

Powell says Fed will try to balance growth and the potential for 'an overheated economy'

Savers haven't benefited as the Fed has jacked up rates, Powell admits

The result? Tails, they win, heads, you lose. 

They will be killing you softly with their love.

Levi Sanders makes it official, he’s a candidate for NH’s 1st District House seat


It’s official. An eighth Democrat has entered the race for New Hampshire’s 1st District House seat, and he has a familiar last name: Levi Sanders, the son of former presidential candidate and Vermont U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders.

"After much thought and consultation with my family, friends, and the people of New Hampshire, I am excited to announce today that I am running for Congress in New Hampshire’s 1st District,” Sanders said in a statement provided first to WMUR

Sanders is proposing a “Medicare for all health care system,” tuition-free college, a higher minimum wage, equal pay for women and “sensible gun legislation.”

He also cited a need to address the opioid epidemic, which, he said, “is at a crisis level in New Hampshire.”

Sanders launched a campaign website and a campaign Facebook page. A spokesman said he will file his official statement of candidacy with the Federal Election Commission within the next 10 days.

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Cuba Has Friends

You will never see warmonger and megalomaniac Donald Trump do this.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Pension Funds Under Pressure To Sell Off Investments In Gun-Makers

Support for gun-makers is support for the NRA. DIVESTMENT NOW!

Link to article at National Public Radio


Firms Reassess Involvement in Gun Industry in Wake of Florida Shooting

Salute to Donald Trump

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders launches a very strong verbal assault on Donald Trump's new tax SCAM

Published 9:18 p.m. ET Feb. 25, 2018

Lansing — Republican President Donald Trump won Michigan and the White House in 2016 because he appealed to voters struggling to keep their heads above water and told them he would defend their interests, U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders said Sunday.

“Unfortunately, he lied,” Sanders told more than 1,000 supporters who packed an event center several blocks from the Michigan Capitol.

The Vermont Independent, who ran for president as a Democrat in 2016, railed against Trump for a recent tax law that he argued would primarily benefit the wealthy and corporations. He chastised the president for proposing a federal budget that would cut Medicare and other social programs.

“Donald Trump said he was going to stand with working families and take on the establishment,” Sanders said. “He has stood with the establishment and brought forth legislation that would do devastating harm to working families of this state and the entire country.”

Sanders opened his speech by recounting his 2016 campaign, including his surprise Michigan primary victory over eventual Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. The self-described Democratic socialist said many of his ideas once criticized as too “radical” or “extreme” have become part of the mainstream debate, including his calls for tuition-free college, a “Medicare for all” single-payer health system and a $15 minimum wage.

He urged supporters to continue those fights. “You can have great candidates, you can have great ideas, but unless you have a movement of people behind those ideas, we will not succeed,” he said.

Source: The Detroit News

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Europeans and Canada Easily Defeat USA at the 2018 Winter Olympics

Norway: 14G, 14S, 11B: Total: 39

Germany: 14G 10S, 7B: Total: 31

Canada: 11G, 8S, 10B: Total: 29

USA: 9G, 8S, 6B, Total: 23